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Garage Sports Co.



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We are the Garage Sports Company and we are here for all of your sporting and entertainment needs. Keep an eye out for newly released BLOGS and GARAGE TALK PODCASTS for complete biased information you can't find anywhere else! Check out our SHOP for unique, one-of-a-kind style of merchandise. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to CONTACT US!

About Us


We are the garage sports company

GSCO is a multimedia entertainment company founded by Tyler Werner in 2018. The company was created in order to provide the world with unique entertainment and to use our skills to help make life more enjoyable for everyone. Whether you are a die-hard sports fan or you just enjoy a fun twist on the news, the Garage Sports Company has something for you!


GSCO Team Members


Tyler Werner - CEo/podcaster/writer

Tyler is the owner, founder, and CEO of Garage Sports Co. and host of the Football in Five and Garage Talk podcasts. He is married with two girls and a dog. He loves popcorn and hates sardines. His favorite team is the Tennessee Titans because of Steve McNair, and he hates Belgium because they “virtually started WWI and Eden Hazard is ugly”. You can find him enjoying soccer, film, poetry and scotch on any given evening.

Fun Facts: He is fluent in six languages, knows how to sail a boat, and can perform CPR on a horse.


Tim “midwest” voegler - podcaster/baseball expert/facebook operator

Tim is blissfully married and has Hubble the dog and Pam the cat. Tim is a host on the Garage Talk podcast and is the writer for the Balls and Bases segment. His favorite team is the LA Rams and he hates the Patriots because “they represent everything that is evil”. He enjoys listening to “Where is My Mind” by the Pixies because that is a question he asks himself daily.

Fun Fact: Tim is his own grandpa due to an unfortunate time travel misunderstanding.


Vince wheatley - podcaster/videographer/twitter manager

Vince is single-ish (depending on the girl) and a host on the Garage Talk podcast. He likes the color red and enjoys pretty much all music and movies. His favorite team is the Denver Broncos because “screw the Chiefs” and he hates the Minnesota Wild because “they shouldn’t even exist”. He also enjoys Magic the Gathering and A song of Ice and Fire (finish the series Martin…)

Fun Fact: Vince is a self proclaimed, full-time twitch streamer. Follow him @ionlyuseq